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Class Number and Topics


Class #1



Class #2

Plot Lines, Prompts, and People


Class #3

Scripts, Screenplays, and Summary of Your Book: Deciding Whether to Put Your Story on Film


Class #4

From Page to Stage


Class #5

Rhyming, Writers, and Lessons from the Geese


Class #6

Hooks, Nooses, and Creating Tension


Class #7

Breathing Life into Your Characters


Class #8

The Art of Audiobooks, Narration and Voiceover


Class #9

Writing Your Own Stuff


Class #10

How Do You Write? Creating Energy, Emotion, and Entertainment


Class #11

Friendly Feedback: Pulling Together to Polish Your Story


Class #12

Memoirs, Memories, and Sharing Your Story


Class #13

Writing About What You Know Best - With Truth, Honor, and Respect for Self and Readers


Class #14

On Doing On-Demand Publishing: Amazon's Amazing Opportunities


Class #15

The 14 Perilous Pitfalls: How to Fix Glaring Goofs -- or sink your efforts as a writer


Class #16

Story Synopsis, Blurb, Summary of Characters, and Readers Judging Your Book by Its Cover


Class #17

Articles & Assets, and How to Submit a Query


Class #18

U-Did-It! Sharing Gratitude for What Really Matters

How to Write and Publish Your Book

18-Week Course


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