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Cover5 paperback The Burner Racism, Reve

The Burner

Racism, Revenge, and the Wrath of God

Carlyle Neuse takes a night-shift job at Sunny Palms Nursing Home where he befriends patients in the locked psych ward.  Soon the entire nursing home burns to the ground. Twelve people are dead.  Carlyle is thrown into prison for arson and murder, where he's tortured by inmates, guards, and the jail psychiatrist. 


Somewhere three patients and a 12-year old girl know the truth.  Can Carlyle find any of them before it's too late?  


Or are they all dead, too? 




One of Hallas’s great gifts in this, her second novel, is making you constantly question what kind of story you’re reading.  Is this medico-legal thriller actually a mystery where the revengeful orderly and the cruel nurse plan multiple murders? Or are we looking inside the mind of an eccentric nursing home patient in the midst of her harrowing psychological collapse? 


Both of these possibilities seem equally plausible at various times; and it’s that uncertainty that keeps you up all night long, propelling you through page after page after page until dawn to find out.


Terrifying psycho-legal thriller.

-- Ed Engemann, Highlands, NC

No Other Medicine

Dr. Fossari is a Monster


In this high-suspense race against time, three unlikely heroes try to stop Doctor Vincent Fossari from disfiguring anymore patients at Parkwest Pediatric Hospital.


Marilyn Pelletier, RN is hell-bent on preventing future tragedies on her unit.


Allied with Michael Sutherland, a dying lawyer and Ross Manchester, an out-cast surgeon, the three of them set out to stop Fossari before he strikes again. But first Marilyn must face the deadliest enemy ever: the one inside herself.


And there's no time to lose, because Fossari is already en route to trap his next victims deep within a deadly blizzard during high-stakes human hibernation research.

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